leds-alix2 module in 2.6.30 kernel

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When reviewing 2.6.30 kernel changes, I have found that leds support for ALIX.2/3 is now added to vanilla kernel. But when I compare the source between the openwrt version, I found they they are written by different authors. Voyage Linux 0.6.2 uses the leds-alix module written by Petr Liebman and leds-alix2 modules in 2.6.30 is written by Constantin Baranov. No matter which one is better, the one in the vanilla kernel is the champion. So the work is to port existing Voyage Linux code to load leds-alix2 instead.

After switching to 2.6.30, the driver cannot recognize my ALIX.3A (early) board. To workaround this, I need to use force parameter to bypass the BIOS check, that is

# modprobe leds-alix2 force