Processor Watch (2004 H2 Update)

New processors in 2004 H2

In the 2nd half of 2004, we again see a closer completion between AMD x86-64 and Intel Pentium 4. In RISC market, POWER5 benchmark stuns the industry, while various RISC vendors have updated their processors. The dawning Alpha from HP is in the list.

What to expect in MacWorld SF '05?

As MacWorld in coming, there are many rumors floating around in the net about the new product announcement from Apple. Based on the rumors gathered from and We would expect the following products will be announced in MWSF 05 held on 11 Jan.

  • iPod Flash
  • $500 - $600 "headless" G4 iMac
  • iLife '05, updates for iPhotos, iDVD, iMovies and GarageBand
  • iWorks '05, including Keynote 2 and a new Word processing application called Pages
  • Asteroids, music hardware for GarageBand

iPod U2 and iPod Photo

Apple recently release iPod U2 and iPod Photo. The 20GB iPod U2 is sold at HK$2700 while iPod Photo at HK$3800 for 40GB and HK$4600 for 60GB respectively.

Innovation Capability and the Maturity Model

I have recently completed a field project for Management of Innovation and Technology courses in my Master degree programme. I took this opportunity to build up a innovation capability framework based on my in-depth knowledge of CMM and apply the framework with a case studies of Apple and iPod.

Here is my presentation slides.

The Power of POWER5

SPEC recently published the latest integer and floating point benchmark for IBM POWER5. The 1.9G chip scores 1398 and 2576 in SPECint2000 and SPECfp2000 respectively.

The integer performance is now on par with 3.4G Xeon and Itanium 2, while in floating point is now leading among all processors in the market.

In RISC market, IBM has been leading for a few years with POWER4. By introducing POWER5, IBM developed even a larger gap to other RISC CPU likes PA-RISC, UltraSPARC IV and Alpha. Surprisingly, there is one come closer to the competition, it is SPARC64 V from Fujitsu.

My use of GMail

A month ago I got an gmail invitation from Mac community user. Although 1GB e-mail solution did not impress me very much, I can think of the other use of this high capcity email account - mailing list.

Previously I used personal e-mail account on for all mailing subscriptions. Typically, I received 50 messages everyday. As, I used Thunderbird to access this email account, the management of the mailing list message is quite easy. One of the doubt for me to switch to GMail is the usablity.

A Nice Touch of iMac G5

After the release at the end of last month, this weekend, I finally got a chance to touch the long-awaited iMac G5 17' in one of the Apple Authorized Dealers. At the first glance, the iMac did give me plastic look and feel than what I could imagine and the 17' screen is much smaller than I was expected. It may be because the iMac's wide screen and the white space under the display lead me this impression. By the way, the iMac is warm, not hot, to touch from behind. But the user must be very cautious that the plastic edge is very shape and special attention and care should be paid to move it around.

Processor Watch (2004 H1 Update)

New processors in 2004 H1

The 1st half of 2004 still sees a tight completion between AMD x86-64 and Intel Pentium 4, while RISC chip market remains silent.

Dual Core - The Future of CPU

If you read the articles or press releases about, the latest development of CPUs from various chip manufactors, you will easily notice that they shared a common architectural characteristics: Dual Core.

Here are some dual core chips currently released:

  • IBM POWER4 and POWER5 (Oct 2001 / July 2004) - more and more...
  • Sun UltraSPARC VI (Feb 2004) - more...
  • HP PA8800 (Feb 2004) - more...

The Architectural History of Pentium

Arstechnica always provides some interesting and enjoyable articles to read. Its processor series is my favourite. Here it comes an architectural history of Pentium. It is a very in-depth and technical article regarding to the design of Pentium. Nice one and highly recommended if you are interested in the internal of the world's most popular chip .