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Waiting Plastik support for Firefox 1.5


Firefox 1.5 is out. Although the new features are not appeared to be very much appealing, I like the drag-n-drop browser tab re-ording very much and it is the feature I really want when I was using 1.0.

After the upgrade, I found that Plastik Crystal SVG theme is incompatible to 1.5. I know the author has now been working on it, but it won't be out shortly. My decision is to to 1.5 on my Office PC (because for experience it), but hold it for my home PC and my iBook until Plastik support 1.5.

But anyway, it is a nice upgrade experience. No problem on my profiles and bookmarks after upgrade. At least, I feel that the new firefox appears to be faster on startup.

Inside the big switch

Arstechnica has always been a good source for technical information, and sometimes it surprises you on the content coverage and the level of the details that issues or topics discussed. Today, Mr "Hannibal", who has been writting awful lots of articles on modern microprocessor architecture, discloses the relationship between Apple and IBM by quoting the unnamed source, and explain why they broke (or fxxked) up. I am not going to give out any judgement or conclusion, just follow the thread and read:

Inside the big switch: the iPod and the future of Apple Computer

Sometimes, the problem may not be something that it appears to be. And in this case, it looks like IBM a victim and Apple an evil.

Apple to Intel: the rumors come true

It stunned me early this morning when I followed the live coverage of WWDC 2005 that Steve Jobs announced a 2-year "Transitions" of Mac from PowerPC to Intel. This marks the 3rd transition in the Mac history. Starting from early 90's from Moto's 680x0 to PowerPC, then ten years after from Mac OS 9 to OS X.

He further surprised me that Mac OS X has been ported to Intel in every releases and demostrated a running 3.6GHz Pentinum 4 "Mac" in the later half of the Keynotes session.

The concept of universal binary is great. But I curious that it is only be able to build univeral binary through XCode and is designed for .app only . How about thousands of respectable Open Source software such as Apache, Samba, OpenLDAP and others?

What to expect in MacWorld SF '05?

As MacWorld in coming, there are many rumors floating around in the net about the new product announcement from Apple. Based on the rumors gathered from and We would expect the following products will be announced in MWSF 05 held on 11 Jan.

  • iPod Flash
  • $500 - $600 "headless" G4 iMac
  • iLife '05, updates for iPhotos, iDVD, iMovies and GarageBand
  • iWorks '05, including Keynote 2 and a new Word processing application called Pages
  • Asteroids, music hardware for GarageBand

iPod U2 and iPod Photo

Apple recently release iPod U2 and iPod Photo. The 20GB iPod U2 is sold at HK$2700 while iPod Photo at HK$3800 for 40GB and HK$4600 for 60GB respectively.

A Nice Touch of iMac G5

After the release at the end of last month, this weekend, I finally got a chance to touch the long-awaited iMac G5 17' in one of the Apple Authorized Dealers. At the first glance, the iMac did give me plastic look and feel than what I could imagine and the 17' screen is much smaller than I was expected. It may be because the iMac's wide screen and the white space under the display lead me this impression. By the way, the iMac is warm, not hot, to touch from behind. But the user must be very cautious that the plastic edge is very shape and special attention and care should be paid to move it around.

Using iBook in London for 20 days (Part 2)

The service apartment I stayed for 3 weeks provided wireless access to Internet. As my iBook already equipped AirPort (11b only), there is no problem for getting wireless access. After I gave out my Mac address of Airport to the apartment staff, the access was ready within minutes. Of course, the service apartment also offer secure access using WEP, but I didn't do so as I will be using Cisco VPN to access office computers in Hong Kong.

After fired up Cisco VPN and successfully login, I connect to my office desktop remotely using Microsoft Remote Desktop. Apart from the jerky response of remote desktop and using single mouse button in Windows, all are the same like I were in my Office.

Using iBook in London for 20 days (Part 1)

Last few weeks, I had gone to London for the on-site support duty for 3 weeks. Since the company notebook was not in a very ideal condition, I decided to bring my lovely iBook for my 3-week trip. But ironically I found that my iBook still needed to upgrade two parts before I brought it to London with ease:

What iTunes features I like most

Since I bought my first ever Mac in Aug 2001 for my birthday present, I started to use iTunes on OS 9.1. When 10.1 comes out I switched to OS X permanantly and enjoyed iTunes and DVD playback on X. Year after year, iTunes had been gradually transited from Music player to a full-feature online Music application. Even though I am living outside U.S., I cannot enjoy the music stores when it introduced a year back. The ever-evolving iTunes is always the most-frequently used application on my Mac, even now it is favourite app on my Desktop PC in office!

The Father of iPod

Cult of Mac disclosed that the unacknowledged father of iPod is Tony Fadell. There has been limited reports related to the engineer/designer of iPod, but it is susprised to learn that Tony started the iPod design as a contractor, before he joined Apple to put iPod to the market.

In my opinion, it is hard to say who is the father of iPod. But I admitted that such successful products like iPod+iTunes+ITMS are built by a brilliant team, not a very talented individual.

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