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Safari, iPhoto 2.0 & iMovie 3.0

Last month, Apple released many iApps. Safari was the first one that get installed on my iBook.
After almost a month of use, it is really damn fast, as said by Steve Jobs and many other
reviewers. I am now think about another switch, a switch from Mozilla for OS X to Safari.
Actually, it has become my default browser right now. But, of course, as it is still in
Beta, some pages are not rendered properly, especially my If you have used
Safari to view my pages, you should see that the left navigation column is little bit
overlapped with the dark gary bar. Fortunately, Safari provides a bug report button so that
I was able to report this display bug to Apple.

Apple X11 with Fink

In MWSF, Steve Jobs announced X11

on MacOS, which is a good news from Unix switcher like me
(I am also a Windows switcher as well!). At lease, it shows that Apple pays very careful
attention to the existing Unix user.

I already had my XDarwin + XFree86 on my iBook, and had used it over a year when the day I
was using 10.1. At that mement, X Window was provided by Fink
The fink distribution is very easy to get installed. And I could also run GNOME and KDE from it.
It was a nice stuff so that I can even remote "telnet" to my Linux box (a.k.a. punknix).
However, the X Window performance is very bad, as my iBook uses very old ATI Rage display and
500MHz G3. When I ran KDE together with OpenOffice, it was slow like a turtle and it is very
irresponsive. Of course, both KDE and OpenOffice port on MacOS X looks very promising, but on my
'Book it is not as impressive as it could be.

Jaguar Experience

In the season holidays, I finally bought Mac OS X Jaguar. Apple Hong Kong offered
$1120 with Wacom Graphire 2 tablet
which is the one I dreamed about.

The upgrade from 10.1 on my iBook was successful. But after the install, I managed to
have 3.5GB disk space left off by 10GB Hard disk. So I decided to re-install all from scratch.
I tar'ed up my $HOME directory and move the archive to punknix, then start the full install.

The installation was just the same from the previous upgrade, smooth but slow... And after it finished
and rebooted, I immediately put my $HOME back, iTunes and iPhoto had no problem.
All my MP3s and photos were back as normal, without any problem in accessing them!
I then reinstalled all other stuff, Mozilla, iCal, iSync, other DVD utils, and finially,

From fink, I have install xfree86-base, xfree86-rootless, KDE, Gnome, etc, and set the default WM as
KDE. At last, I installed
, which could
only be run on Jaguar. Both KDE and OpenOffice had no problem at all.

New 15.4 Powerbook?

Recently there is

about the new 15.4' Powerbook. It is expected to have Bluetooth, Firewire 800,
802.11g wireless, and new arnodized Aluminium case, along with other features
and improvement of 12' and 17' models (AlBook).

I now own a iBook. It is not the colorful old iBook. It is the
"white" iBook with Dual USB. This is the first iBook model Apple
introduce which feature a 500MHz G3 and DVD Drive (no Combo!). I bought
it in 2001 summer. And it's now almost two years of age.

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